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Column Verbose Name Type Business Data Type Groupable Filterable Is temporal Extra
date_column None None
category TEXT None None
women_who_experienced_sexual_violence_in_past_12_months None DOUBLE PRECISION None None
women_who_ever_experienced_sexual_violence None DOUBLE PRECISION None None
year BIGINT None None
category_value TEXT None None
Record Count: 6
Metric Verbose Name Type Extra
sum__year None sum None
avg__year None avg None
sum__women_who_experienced_sexual_violence_in_past_12_months None sum None
avg__women_who_experienced_sexual_violence_in_past_12_months None avg None
sum__women_who_ever_experienced_sexual_violence None sum None
avg__women_who_ever_experienced_sexual_violence None avg None
count COUNT(*) count None
Record Count: 7
Table Name indicator5_10_cdhs_data
Sql None
Enable Filter Select False
Fetch Values Predicate None
Database UNICEF Cambodia
Schema None
Description None
Owners [Ona ]
Main Datetime Column None
Default Endpoint None
Offset 0
Cache Timeout None
SQL Lab View False
Template parameters None
Extra None
Normalize Columns True
Always Filter Main Dttm False
Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[indicator5_10_cdhs_data](id:88)
Associated Charts [By education, By marital status, Percentage of women and girls aged 15 years and older subjected to sexual violence by province, By education, By marital status, By wealth quintile, ភាគរយនៃស្ត្រី និងកុមារីអាយុចាប់ពី១៥ឆ្នាំឡើងទៅ ដែលធ្លាប់ទទួលរងអំពើហិង្សាផ្លូវភេទ បែងចែកទៅតាម​រាជធានី​ ខេត្ត, By wealth quintile, Indicator 5.10 CDHS Trend table, Percentage of women and girls aged 15 years and older subjected to sexual violence by province]