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Column Verbose Name Type Groupable Filterable Is temporal
province TEXT
prosecuters_m None DOUBLE PRECISION
prosecutors_f None DOUBLE PRECISION
defence_layers_m None DOUBLE PRECISION
defence_layers_f None DOUBLE PRECISION
legal_aid_m None DOUBLE PRECISION
legal_aid_f None DOUBLE PRECISION
care_facilities_rci DOUBLE PRECISION
total_buget None DOUBLE PRECISION
actual_expense None DOUBLE PRECISION
total_bdgt_for_ss None DOUBLE PRECISION
actual_expe_for_ss None DOUBLE PRECISION
care_facilities_gh None DOUBLE PRECISION
care_facilities_bs None DOUBLE PRECISION
care_facilities_pagoda None DOUBLE PRECISION
judges_male None DOUBLE PRECISION
care_facilities_th None DOUBLE PRECISION
Record Count: 20
Metric Verbose Name Type
sum__judges_male None sum
avg__judges_male None avg
sum__judges_f None sum
avg__judges_f None avg
sum__prosecuters_m None sum
avg__prosecuters_m None avg
sum__prosecutors_f None sum
avg__prosecutors_f None avg
sum__defence_layers_m None sum
avg__defence_layers_m None avg
sum__defence_layers_f None sum
avg__defence_layers_f None avg
sum__legal_aid_m None sum
avg__legal_aid_m None avg
sum__legal_aid_f None sum
avg__legal_aid_f None avg
sum__police_m None sum
avg__police_m None avg
sum__police_f None sum
avg__police_f None avg
sum__total_buget None sum
avg__total_buget None avg
sum__actual_expense None sum
avg__actual_expense None avg
sum__total_bdgt_for_ss None sum
avg__total_bdgt_for_ss None avg
sum__actual_expe_for_ss None sum
avg__actual_expe_for_ss None avg
sum__care_facilities_rci None sum
avg__care_facilities_rci None avg
sum__care_facilities_gh None sum
avg__care_facilities_gh None avg
sum__care_facilities_bs None sum
avg__care_facilities_bs None avg
sum__care_facilities_pagoda None sum
avg__care_facilities_pagoda None avg
sum__care_facilities_th None sum
avg__care_facilities_th None avg
count COUNT(*) count
Record Count: 39
Table Name cambodia_domain2_data
Sql None
Enable Filter Select False
Fetch Values Predicate None
Database UNICEF Cambodia
Schema None
Description None
Owners []
Main Datetime Column None
Default Endpoint None
Offset 0
Cache Timeout None
SQL Lab View False
Template parameters None
Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[cambodia_domain2_data](id:41)
Associated Charts [Percentage of budget on social services, Number of residential care institutions (RCIs) in the country , Total number RCIs, ភាគរយនៃថវិកាសម្រាប់សេវាសង្គម, ចំនួនមណ្ឌលថែទាំកុមារនៅក្នុងប្រទេស, ចំនួនសរុបនៃមណ្ឌលថែទាំកុមារ, Indicator 2.5 commune, Percentage of justice professionals who have been certified and deal with a. child offenders b. child victims, Indicator 2.8, Percentage of budget on social services, Number of residential care institutions (RCIs) in the country , Total number RCIs]