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Column Verbose Name Type Business Data Type Groupable Filterable Is temporal Extra
baseline None DOUBLE PRECISION None None
target None DOUBLE PRECISION None None
sdg_indicator SDG indicator TEXT None None
poverty_line Poverty line TEXT None None
Category Category TEXT None None
Record Count: 5
Metric Verbose Name Type Extra
sum__baseline None sum None
avg__baseline None avg None
sum__target None sum None
avg__target None avg None
count COUNT(*) count None
Record Count: 5
Table Name indicator5_3_extra
Sql None
Enable Filter Select False
Fetch Values Predicate None
Database UNICEF Cambodia
Schema None
Description None
Owners [Ona ]
Main Datetime Column None
Default Endpoint None
Offset 0
Cache Timeout None
SQL Lab View False
Template parameters None
Extra None
Normalize Columns True
Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[indicator5_3_extra](id:109)
Associated Charts [Children below the national poverty line , Children below the national poverty line ]