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Created On 2021-11-22 12:41:18.842984
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Name វឌ្ឍនភាព
Datasource Id 134
Datasource Type table
Datasource Name khmer.indicator1_2_khmer_data
Visualization Type table
Parameters {"datasource": "3485__table", "viz_type": "table", "slice_id": 18438, "url_params": {}, "granularity_sqla": null, "time_grain_sqla": "P1D", "time_range": "Last week", "groupby": ["Law Khmer", "Reporting Agency Khmer", " Amendment has been initated Khmer", "Is with the council of jurists this is based under the council", "Meetings have taken or are taking place to review the amendment", "Approved by the council of ministers", "Submitted to the National assembly for plenary session within s", "NA approves it and sends it to Senate for review and adoption", "Senate approves it and sends to King for signature", "King signs it", "Any other comments"], "metrics": [], "percent_metrics": [], "timeseries_limit_metric": null, "row_limit": 10000, "include_time": false, "order_desc": true, "all_columns": [], "order_by_cols": [], "adhoc_filters": [], "table_timestamp_format": "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", "page_length": 0, "include_search": false, "table_filter": false, "align_pn": false, "color_pn": true, "remote_id": 18438, "datasource_name": "indicator1_2_khmer_data", "schema": "khmer", "database_name": "UNICEF Cambodia", "import_time": 1637584674}
Description None
Cache Timeout None
Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[indicator1_2_khmer_data](id:134)
Schema Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[khmer]
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