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Name Proportion of children under 5 years of age whose births have been registered with a civil authority by age group
Datasource Id 36
Datasource Type table
Datasource Name cdhs_data_indicator3_1
Visualization Type pie
Parameters {"datasource": "1735__table", "viz_type": "pie", "url_params": {}, "granularity_sqla": null, "time_grain_sqla": "P1D", "time_range": "No filter", "metric": {"expressionType": "SIMPLE", "column": {"id": 43007, "column_name": "children_registered", "verbose_name": null, "description": null, "expression": "", "filterable": false, "groupby": false, "is_dttm": false, "type": "DOUBLE PRECISION", "database_expression": null, "python_date_format": null, "optionName": "_col_children_registered"}, "aggregate": "SUM", "sqlExpression": null, "hasCustomLabel": true, "fromFormData": true, "label": "Children", "optionName": "metric_u2di88n6pe_fu0xve3xhvq"}, "adhoc_filters": [{"expressionType": "SQL", "sqlExpression": "category_value = '0-1 Years' OR category_value = '2-4 Years'", "clause": "WHERE", "subject": null, "operator": null, "comparator": null, "fromFormData": true, "filterOptionName": "filter_q7n9jowv30m_jzx010i6lm"}], "groupby": ["category_value"], "row_limit": 10000, "pie_label_type": "key_value", "donut": false, "show_legend": true, "show_labels": true, "labels_outside": true, "color_scheme": "bnbColors", "remote_id": 4704, "datasource_name": "cdhs_data_indicator3_1", "schema": "", "database_name": "UNICEF Cambodia", "import_time": 1637581598}
Description None
Cache Timeout None
Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[cdhs_data_indicator3_1](id:36)
Schema Perm None
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