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Created On 2020-08-23 21:37:31.637254
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Name Number of HIV+ people out of the total world population
Datasource Id 2
Datasource Type table
Datasource Name wb_health_population
Visualization Type world_map
Parameters { "adhoc_filters": [], "country_fieldtype": "cca3", "datasource": "2__table", "entity": "country_code", "granularity_sqla": "year", "max_bubble_size": "25", "metric": { "aggregate": "SUM", "column": { "column_name": "SP_RUR_TOTL", "description": null, "expression": null, "filterable": true, "groupby": true, "id": 325, "is_dttm": false, "optionName": "_col_SP_RUR_TOTL", "type": "DOUBLE PRECISION", "verbose_name": null }, "expressionType": "SIMPLE", "fromFormData": true, "hasCustomLabel": false, "label": "SUM(SP_RUR_TOTL)", "optionName": "metric_8ww9ammbzb5_8msnz6qvrjl", "sqlExpression": null }, "row_limit": 5000, "secondary_metric": { "aggregate": "SUM", "column": { "column_name": "SH_HIV_TOTL", "description": null, "expression": null, "filterable": true, "groupby": true, "id": 67, "is_dttm": false, "optionName": "_col_SH_HIV_TOTL", "type": "DOUBLE PRECISION", "verbose_name": null }, "expressionType": "SIMPLE", "fromFormData": true, "hasCustomLabel": false, "label": "SUM(SH_HIV_TOTL)", "optionName": "metric_gsld631w5om_dp5f0jgze9f", "sqlExpression": null }, "show_bubbles": true, "time_range": "2014-01-01 : 2014-01-02", "time_range_endpoints": [ "inclusive", "exclusive" ], "url_params": {}, "viz_type": "world_map" }
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Cache Timeout None
Perm [examples].[wb_health_population](id:2)
Schema Perm None
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