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Name Percentage of women age 20–24 years old who were first married or in union by age 18 and age 15
Datasource Id 46
Datasource Type table
Datasource Name public.Brian Cheye-indicator5_13_trend-3FcCKIBR3
Visualization Type line
Parameters {"datasource": "1762__table", "viz_type": "line", "slice_id": 4737, "url_params": {}, "granularity_sqla": "date_column", "time_grain_sqla": "P1D", "time_range": "100 years ago : ", "metrics": [{"expressionType": "SQL", "sqlExpression": "SUM(women_first_married_by_exact_age_18)/100", "column": null, "aggregate": null, "hasCustomLabel": true, "fromFormData": true, "label": "By 18", "optionName": "metric_g3tr8d9btpa_vaqd2w4moni"}, {"expressionType": "SQL", "sqlExpression": "SUM(women_first_married_by_exact_age_15)/100", "column": null, "aggregate": null, "hasCustomLabel": true, "fromFormData": true, "label": "By 15", "optionName": "metric_frj55db3ayg_7lrl3a4ujir"}], "adhoc_filters": [], "groupby": [], "timeseries_limit_metric": null, "order_desc": true, "contribution": false, "row_limit": 1000, "color_scheme": "bnbColors", "show_brush": "auto", "send_time_range": false, "show_legend": true, "rich_tooltip": true, "show_markers": false, "line_interpolation": "linear", "x_axis_label": "", "bottom_margin": "auto", "x_ticks_layout": "auto", "x_axis_format": "smart_date", "x_axis_showminmax": false, "y_axis_label": "", "left_margin": "auto", "y_axis_showminmax": false, "y_log_scale": false, "y_axis_format": ",.1%", "y_axis_bounds": [null, null], "rolling_type": "None", "comparison_type": "values", "resample_how": null, "resample_rule": null, "resample_fillmethod": null, "annotation_layers": [], "remote_id": 716, "datasource_name": "Brian Cheye-indicator5_13_trend-3FcCKIBR3", "schema": "public", "database_name": "UNICEF Cambodia", "import_time": 1642578313}
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Cache Timeout None
Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[Brian Cheye-indicator5_13_trend-3FcCKIBR3](id:46)
Schema Perm [UNICEF Cambodia].[public]
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