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Name Percentage of households with children living in care facilities over time
Datasource Id 58
Datasource Type table
Datasource Name indicator4_6_cdhs_data
Visualization Type line
Parameters {"adhoc_filters": [], "annotation_layers": [], "bottom_margin": 50, "color_scheme": "bnbColors", "comparison_type": "values", "contribution": false, "datasource": "58__table", "granularity_sqla": "date_column", "groupby": [], "label_colors": {"0-1 Years": "#00d1c1", "2-4 Years": "#007A87", "2015": "#00a1b3", "2015 Children:": "#ff3339", "2018": "#00ffeb", "2018 Children:": "#ff1ab1", "Child Rape": "#bbedab", "Children": "#ff8083", "Female": "#b4a76c", "Human trafficking": "#ffd266", "Male": "#ffb400", "Percentage": "#8ce071", "RCIs": "#cc0086", "Rural": "#7b0051", "Sexual exploitation": "#cbc29a", "Total": "#005c66", "Urban": "#ff5a5f"}, "left_margin": "auto", "line_interpolation": "linear", "metrics": [{"aggregate": null, "column": null, "expressionType": "SQL", "fromFormData": true, "hasCustomLabel": true, "label": "Foster", "optionName": "metric_e9npar9l9l_wbksajib0aj", "sqlExpression": "SUM(total_foster)/100"}, {"aggregate": null, "column": null, "expressionType": "SQL", "fromFormData": true, "hasCustomLabel": true, "label": "Single Orphans", "optionName": "metric_8l5yv4j8vr_yasi5whucvj", "sqlExpression": "SUM(\"Total_single_orphans\")/100"}, {"aggregate": null, "column": null, "expressionType": "SQL", "fromFormData": true, "hasCustomLabel": true, "label": "Forster and/or Orphans", "optionName": "metric_e0pmhj33an_5jn3kc80mmf", "sqlExpression": "SUM(\"Total_foster_or_orphan\")/100"}], "order_desc": true, "resample_method": null, "resample_rule": null, "rich_tooltip": true, "rolling_type": "None", "row_limit": 10000, "send_time_range": false, "show_brush": "no", "show_legend": true, "show_markers": false, "slice_id": 695, "time_grain_sqla": "P1Y", "time_range": "No filter", "time_range_endpoints": ["unknown", "inclusive"], "timeseries_limit_metric": null, "url_params": {}, "viz_type": "line", "x_axis_format": "smart_date", "x_axis_label": "", "x_axis_showminmax": true, "x_ticks_layout": "auto", "y_axis_bounds": [null, null], "y_axis_format": ",.1%", "y_axis_label": "", "y_axis_showminmax": false, "y_log_scale": false, "remote_id": 695, "datasource_name": "indicator4_6_cdhs_data", "schema": null, "database_name": "UNICEF Cambodia", "import_time": 1642578313}
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